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Intuitive Totem Mapping = Personal Session + Art Mapping

Jennifer Doheny

Intuitive Totem Mapping = Personal Session + Art Mapping

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For those of you who would like to know more about my Intuitive services, this is the place to learn more!  Here is the dealio!  I love to make VERY unique images of your brain with lines and geometric shapes that do a number of things........mainly we work on rewiring your brain for happy outcomes!  Once you learn a few tricks to help your brain understand how to make new experiences happen by closing down old neuropathways and opening new ones, you can begin to play games with your own self.  For instance, when you rearrange your furniture you rearrange your mind too!  You put things down in new places, you sit in new places with new ways of looking at your space.  Maybe you used to look out of a window at the bird feeders and now you look a lovely fireplace so your brain experiences something new.  Simple things can yield big results.  With a few skills you can easily shut down old pathways that may have been wired into pain or yucky memories.  If you would like to learn more about how I can draw you some new neuropathways for you to look at, then give me a call at 414-366-8928.  I will intuitively be able to sketch you a map of your brain! It's very cool!  Then we can chat a bit and look at the artwork and pull your new neuropathways into fun, joyful Meridians!  Each neuropathway extends into your Meridian system of biological energy.  Meaning the source of life itself that flows through you all day everyday that keeps you in a human form!  It's all connected and it all brings you your life.  Paying attention to how life itself gets delivered to us is my jam.  I've been able to successfully rewire my own brain from that of making very stupid choices for most of my life.  Eventually those choices all added up to me needing to get my shit together in a big way.  Thus, I started to practice common mindfulness techniques until my own intuition started to develop new skills and ways to rewire my own brain for happiness.  Today I am very happy.  One year ago I was a mess.  So I know it works.  If you have any areas of trauma or anxiety I understand how aweful those things are to live with and my heart goes out to you.  Please get some help from a professional if you are severely depressed or suicidal. I am not a medical professional at all.  I am an artist mostly with the ability to feel my Meridians and I know how to help others.  One thing you can do right now if you are feeling anxious is to sit quietly and just listen to your own heart.  You have two choices when it comes to listening..... you can listen to the outside noises, car doors slamming, air conditioners, etc. or you can listen to the inside of your body.  Mostly we listen to the inside of our mind which is cluttered by overthinking and overwhelmed most of the time.  So......your other choice is to listen DEEPLY to your own heart.  You can literally HEAR your own heart talking to you if you listen closely.  Why not?  You listen to voices in your mind why not your heart?  It has more information than everything else in your entire body put together and then some!  So if you want to experience some relief right now, try it!  That's just one simple thing ANYONE can do ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, FOR FREE that will change your brain immediately!  Once you get the hang of it you can incorporate some other tools that I can teach you.  I know lots of things about brains,  Because I have one.  And it was broken and now it is not!  I would love to teach you a few ways to rewire your brain if you are ready???? Don't call me unless you are ready for some things to REALLY change because we don't mess around.  I will be very blunt about places that I sense need improvement to realign your Meridians.  So if you are ready for some serious new stuffs then let's chat!  414-366-8928, Oh, and if you are wondering how much it costs......I never know how long it will take and what I am going to draw or what I am going to draw on, on until I begin.  So pricing depends on whatever happens.  Just the way it is.  If you are not satisfied then don't pay me.  So far everyone has, ha!  Pretty happy about that!  But no hard feelings if it doesn't feel right when we are done.  It always is a treat to tap into anyone who is willing to advance and be humble and make new choices.  Those are the best qualities to come into a session with me with. Humble, brave and a sense of humour.  I may swear and use some strong language to get points across so just be prepared for some real talk!  This isn't woo woo light and airy fairynesses here, this is down to earth, nitty grittinesses.  Oh, and I am able to remotely do some energetic work on your Meridians too.  That just comes with the package.  Always feels good to get some forward momentum into your life field of energy!   It is always there so why not have more of a relationship with it?  Ok well,  that's enough to give you a very clear idea about what I am able to do and not do.  Again, please consult a medical profession for grave and serious issues.  I am not equipt to handle anything crisis related. Be wellness!!

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